Walker "Walt" Nayman (Senior Instructor)


   Walker holds 3rd Dan from Aikikai Organisation in Japan.  He also holds 2nd Dan in Wado Ryu Karate.

    He began his Martial Arts training under his father Vladimire Ivananvich Neiman when they lived in Papua New Guinea & Australia.

Walker trained in Karate for 22 years until 1994 when he began Aikido training.  He has retained many of the positive qualities of his previous training within his practice.

  Walkers first Aikido Instructor was George Forbes, who was one of the National Coaches with the N.A.F.   Over the last decade Walts  Aikido has been heavily influenced by Stephan Benedetti 7th Dan Shihan Aikikia.  

    Walker has traveled throughout Europe, attending seminars in Spain, Ukraine, Czech Republic & France. These travels have enabled him to learn from a wide range of Instructors all of whom have helped contribute to his  Aikido growth. (see Gallery).


Walker has a Coaching Level 1 qualification from the British Aikido Board (BAB).


Mark Bell - (Instructor)


 Mark holds the grade of 1st Dan ( Aikikai ).


He began his Aikido Practice under Sensei Nayman 15 years ago and during his time within the club he has played a leading role in  the development of Ulverston Aikido Dojo.  


He has a Coaching Level 1 qualification from BAB.


Mark teaches Aikido with a preference for flowing, fluid techniques and  is particularly adept with Suwari Waza (Kneeling Techniques).