Due to COVID-19 Training has changed until Government up date.

Late April we will be allowed to train out doors....dates to be arranged.

    Our Classes

We offer adult and children classes weekly at Church Walk School in Ulverston.  The class includes buki waza (weapons training) and taijutusu (empty hand practice).


We teach attack and defence techniques and ukemi - the practice of 'receiving', including rolling and breakfalls.


Aikido is non-competitive.  Each person takes it in turn to deliver an attack (the 'uke') and apply a defence technique (the 'nage').


Students train and grade to a defined syllabus of 'kyu' grades and then dan (black belt) grades.  Kyu grades wear a white 'gi' and white belt and black 'hakama' over trousers from 3rd kyu. Dan grades wear the same but with a black belt.


Most students buy a gi within a month or two of starting and their own weapons within the first year. The club will help with the ordering of supplies. The Club has a number of weapons for use.

        (Covid-19 conditions apply at this moment)

Our Influences

      Since 2016 the Clubs Instructors have been able to train with international teachers of the highest calibre.    Such as :


Stéphane Benedetti . 7th Dan Shihan (Shihan) AIkikai

Dominique Pierre.       6th Dan Aikido Aikikai- 7th Dan Kenjutsu

Greg Habert                  4th Dan Aikikai


    These teachers inform our study and practice and help us maintain the highest technical standards in Aikido.  It is because of our connection with the following Associations, Motutokai Europe, Fodoshin Aikido Cardiff and The National Aikido Federation that we are able to practice and study to a high level. We also have very good working relationship with Lancaster Aikido and West Cumbria Aikido of the Traditional Aikido Alliance, which enables us to share best practice.